【Infinity Wars】 Volume discount is coming

So just couple nights ago I have posted the booster pack cost analysis of the Infinity Wars.  Now the IW employee on the official blog confirmed there is a plan for volume discount in the future.

Is that a confirmation for the existence of booster box or volume discount or both?

Teremus: I am indeed confirming the existence of both. I can’t go into detail on pricing because they are not yet finalized. What I CAN tell you is that there will be booster boxes available in 2 or 3 different quantities, and we will have discounted pre-orders. Take into factor the ability to trade between friends, and the auction house in the future…you’ll have a completely self-sustaining in-game economy provided we can (for the most part) keep bots out of it.

The actual price is not yet available, but we can expect the volume discount.  With the right price, infinity wars may attract many TCG players.



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