【HEX】 The Pro Tier is Gone

The Pro Tier is Gone.  Well not really but its just matter of time.  When I checked this morning they still had 400-500 left (out of 1000).  Now it is down to  32, and it was 79 less than 15 minutes ago.

So if you are still debating and was like me to watch and decide a bit later when Pro Tier availability goes lower, I guess there is sudden surge.  This won’t probably last more than 1 more hour.  The Paypal funding site directly off of the Hex already shows “sold out.”

Oh just in case you don’t know what Pro Tier pledge provides, it provides the Life time once a week draft.  Each draft in HEX costs roughly $7 so with $130 additional to the King’s tier, you are getting the draft bonus.  Thus, if you play about 20+ weeks of draft you get your money back.

The worst comes the worst, you can sell your account and I’m sure you can get your money back or probably make more money.  This game will be very popular without a doubt.



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