【HEX】Pro Tier is now really gone. What should I do?

The pro tier is now truly gone and funding total currently is…


There are still 20 days remaining.  I think this game can even reach the 1 million dollar mark on the Kickstarter pledge.  I am pretty sure this is already the highest kickstarter funding made on the digital trading card game.

So for those of you who was lucky enough to grab Pro Tiers, no regret should be there.  Because in the worst case, you should have no problem selling the account for the price you got and  most likely not just get your money back but you are likely to be able to make money off of it.  That’s the power of “LIFETIME” bonus.

Of course, this is probably a needless worry as at this point most of you are just excited about this game rather than worrying about what if I don’t like side.

Personally, $250 on a TCG is one of the highest I’ve ever spent; other than Eye of Judgment.  Though with Eye of Judgment with reselling of cards, I actually got complete collection with essentially net plus on money i.e. I made money.   Anyways, I think HEX gaining so much popularity already, I am more than confident I have a way to back out whenever necessary without a much loss.

So if you couldn’t get a Pro Tier, what should you get now?  Obviously, the key is your budget.  But if you can afford one, personally I would go with King Tier.

Click here to take a closer look at the rewards!

Basically, you get 80 cents a booster with this Tier.  Then in addition you get 5 more booster packs, 3 free draft which is equal to 9 booster pack worth of cards.  Then Primal Pack which is essentially worth 15 booster pack as all cards are legendary or rare but actual market price may even be higher due to its rarity.  Everything else are just bonus on top.  This is truly a value pack.  If anyone is concerned about the spending so much?  The easy way to think is this.  You can sell 120 booster packs with each for $1 when game starts.  Since regular pack will cost $2, and despite likely volume purchase discount it won’t probably hit $1/pack mark.  So what happened here is now you essentially got remainder of package for free i.e. 30 booster packs, 4 Starter decks etc.  So if you have a money to spare for now, and considering to pledge for this game “King Tier” is probably the best one.

If you can still spend $250 then two King Tier’s ($240) will get you 300+ booster pack.  Again selling booster packs later $1/pack, you are likely to be able get whole $240 back with 60+ packs left over.

What about other higher King Tier’s?

Here CoolGrayAJ explains why he chose Dungeon Crawler Tier ($250) instead of the Pro Tier.  In short, the capability of eventually trading PvE to PvP cards, the bonus you get with Dungen Crawler Tier can potentially get you the $7/week (cost of single free draft) worth of value or perhaps more depending on how much you play single campaign mode.

There is a one unknown factor, which is the actual ratio of PvE to PvP card conversion/trade.  If PvE cards become higher demand then Dungeon Crawler can be actually a really good choice. Just an example, what if 1 of your PvE rare can be exchanged with 2 PvP rares?  It’s not completely out of picture if enough players show the interest. Because PvE cards should not be able to purchase directly so only way is you play long hours, but some people may just not have the time.

However, there is the chance completely opposite would happen.  If people’s mentality is I spent money to get PvP cards so PvE cards worth less.  Then from each draft you get 3 PvP rares/legendry, which can potentially be exchanged for PvE cards.

Basically, I think at this point we just don’t know which way the thing will flow.  But one thing for sure is if you are primarily interested in Hex because of single player PvE, then Dugeon Crawler Tier will assist you the best along your path.



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