【HEX】 Multiple Level Donation Answered

Here is the official wording from Cryptozoic CEO on how the multiple level donation and bonues for each can or cannot be merged into one account.

I want to address one of the more unexpected outcomes of the Kickstarter: multiple level donations. Let me start by saying it was never my intent when crafting the levels that any one consumer would get multiple levels. As a matter of fact, you can see I tried to make it a nice gentle curve that exponentially rewarded your generosity. But, we have said we will merge multiple donations into one account, and so we will, but within limits.

So let’s get this set in stone: each account can merge 4 separate donation tiers (that’s 4 total, which includes PayPal and Kickstarter combined). This merge will combine all the rewards, including product (starters, packs, cards, etc) and bonuses (additional experience, additional loot drops, etc).

Here is the list of things that DONT stack, meaning your account will only have one.

– Sleeves

(you get one set of each you have qualified for, this is all an account would need)

– Mercenaries

(you get one of each you have qualified for, this is all an account would need)

– Credits in the game (your name in the credits)

– +1 card in opening hand (Raid Leader)

– Raid Leader exclusive PVE card

(this card is functionally different and will not be tradable)

– +100% Extra loot drop

– +10% PVE experience for all members of the Guild

(maximum increase for any guild is capped at 10%)

– Entry into special promotional Kickstarter tournaments. Due to the high number of donations, we will be breaking this up into smaller groups and offering the same prize multiple times, and you will be given the specific group to participate in. Consider this a bonus and reward for your amazing generosity!

And because I am sure this will be the first set of questions:

– We will give you three VIP months per qualifying tier, so if you have 3 sets you will get 9 months

– You will get the 3 booster drafts per qualifying tier, so if you have 3 qualifying tiers you get 9 drafts

– You will get multiple copies of the “Dragon’s Blood” starter deck

I want to apologize for not getting this information to you sooner, but the good news is you haven’t been charged yet, so there time to change your contribution. If this creates a problem with PayPal we will work with you resolve this issue. Our goal is to offer you the best value possible as an early adopter, but we also want to preserve the integrity of the game.

I’m tapped out with $250 donation myself.  I know there are many people went Grand King ($500), Dragon Lord ($1000) and so on but $250 on a game that hasn’t been launched for me is the biggest contribution I’ve ever made myself.  So this won’t affect me but for those of you still debating about multiple pledge to get multiple bonuses, the answer is above and its official.

Source: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cze/hex-mmo-trading-card-game/posts


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