【HEX】Hint of Leagues and Raid Lords in the future

These won’t be right away up on launch nor be a part of strech goal.  Most likely these are still just a concept stage rather than in actual development but certainly unique and exciting features to look forward to.


Leagues! Imagine an interface that allows you to custom craft your very own league. Pick and choose all the options of your league, what format, how long it will run, who can play in it, what the prizes will be. This simple and intuitive tool will allow you completely customize the league.

Some people are raising their voices stating PvE cards and PvP cards separation.  With this feature, one can even make PvE card only tournament if so desire, and if its popular even when Cryptozoic may not be officially calling standard draft or tournament, there may be third party start making semi-official PvE tournament.

Raid Lords

Raid Lords! Imagine you get to act as the raid boss against other players and earn a raid boss ranking. And, as your raid boss ranking grows, the loot tables that you reward the player with (if they somehow manage to defeat you, bwa ha ha!) get bigger and better. If you are in high demand as a Raid Lord you can set up invites to challenge you and CHARGE players platinum to battle and potentially defeat you. Yes you heard that right, you could earn in-game currency as a raid boss for hire!

Perhaps this is by no means new concept in digital games but in TCG, it must be an innovation.

More we know about the HEX, more I feel like this is not just a digital trading card game but rather HEX is a platform.


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