【HEX】 Will go on mobile!

The last stretch goal had been revealed and this is probably the best news for the game itself as well as to the future players.

With the funds raised by the reaching the 1.5 million stretch goal, we’re going to bring on a veteran mobile team to put HEX on tablets. Yes, you’ll see HEX on both iOS and Android because we want you to play when you want, where you want, on whichever device you choose.

HEX has started out as PC/MAC based game, and it has true depth to the game.  You can easily compare HEX to Magic the Gathering when comes to how deep the strategy/play can be.  The easiest mechanics to look at is the “instant card” type mechanics.  In HEX, this is called “quick action.”

The mechanics like quick action has never been seen on mobile platform (to my knowledge).  The main reason is this type of mechanics make the game much more intense, time consuming, and perhaps harder to learn.  These points goes against the general mobile TCG company maker’s belief of “easy to learn, quick to play” approach.

There are several great mobile platform trading card games like Shadow Era; however, the trade off there is always less depth in the game compared to desktop dedicated TCG like Magic Online, and Carte to name a few.

So essentially, HEX is the first and perhaps only TCG with true depth on the mobile platform without a sacrifice.  I don’t mean other TCGs on mobile platform are bad.  They serve their role and many people may even prefer those quick and easy play.

 But I personally have been waiting and dreaming for full blown TCG experience on mobile on the go, and PC at home.  Now this is coming, and yes. it is called HEX.


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