【HEX】 You can still get Grand King and Pro Tiers…

For those of you who are regretting that they did not catch this earlier or perhaps could not make a decision in time, there is still a chance that you can get Pro Tier, Grand King Tier or perhaps Dragon Lord Tier.  And this works as I was able to successfully upgrade myself from Pro Tier to Grand King.

Essentially, idea is you need to continuously refresh and check if the tier you want opens up.  Doing so manually seems impossible; hence, here is automation technique.

  1. Download Google Chrome Browser
  2. Get addon called Auto Refresh Plus
  3. Go to setting and under Page Monitor section, check “Enable This feature”, then select Popup notification once FIND the target, and lastly select Play sound candidate 1 or 2.
  4. Now go to kickstarter page
  5. Click on the Auto Refresh Plus icon on the right upper corner
  6. Select refresh rate (I chose 5 seconds)
  7. Under Page Monitor Textbox, type in “1 of XXX left.”  This is where you are essentially specifying when what you want becomes available.  So if Pro Tier is what you want “1 of 913”, if Grand King Tier “1 of 959.”
  8. Hit start

To make sure you set up is working, first try with something you know there e.g. choose guild master and say “994 of 1000 left”.

With this method it took me less than 20 minutes to actually snatch a Grand King Tier.

The special thanks to this method goes to official forum poster, Gwaer.



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