【HEX】 Non-Pro Tier $250 levels received special bonus

It was just yesterday that Cryptozoic announced 1.5M final stretch goal bonuses.  One of which was to boost up Non-Pro $250 tier specific bonuses.  However, this created quite bit of controversy.  Whether it is related to people’s comment or not are uncertain; however, Cryptozoic shared what their thought processes were to came to current conclusion.

Hey there, HEXers. I want to take today’s update to address some of the comments we’ve had coming in since yesterday’s update.

The Pro Player Tier
When we created these five tiers, we pictured each player as someone we’ve met in games we’ve all played—the Raid Leader organizing people to take up the greatest challenges, the Guild Leader who is out there recruiting people and creating a community of friends, the Collector who’s just gotta catch ‘em all to own one of everything, the Dungeon Crawler who’s building an armory of equipment for every dangerous scenario, and finally the Pro Player who’s usually wandering around the tournament floor, shuffling three booster packs yelling “DRAFT!” So, we made five tiers with those players in mind.
After the Kickstarter launch, it became clear that many players saw the Pro Player tier as the best tier, and in hindsight, we can see that it’s out of balance with the other four. What we’ve done here is try to bring the other tiers in-line with the Pro Player tier without diminishing the Pro Player tier at all. Nothing has been taken away from the Pro Player tier. In fact, Pro Players will have an easier time finding booster drafts and spend less time in queue because of the additional players coming in. After all, it is our goal with this campaign not just to secure funding to finish the game, but to also grow the community. We want to include as many HEX believers as possible through Kickstarter. We want Entrath to be full of players for you to both befriend and battle. This buff brings the other four tiers on more equal footing regarding how the community values the different tiers, as well as keeps the HEX community growing.
Raid Leader, Guild Master, Dungeon Crawler, Collector and the 1.5M Stretch Goal

That said, we’re going to commit to that buff now. Instead of being a reward for the 1.5M Stretch Goal which we’re quickly approaching, we’re simply adding the 1 free draft per week (for 1 year) to Dungeon Crawler, Collector, Raid Leader, and Guild Master as of today. 

In short, what was announced as part of 1.5M stretch goal is now no longer a goal but effective as of today.  All $250 level Tiers except Pro Tier receives 1 year of 1 free draft per week.  Currently, the most popular Tier is Dungeon Crawler which there are still ample spots left.

I certainly hope these decision increase overall player population of the HEX.  In the end, more player plays HEX the better the overall market/economy will be.  So higher chance of being able to sell or trade cards.  Each card may see more value as higher demand.



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