【HEX】 Plus One – Generosity of Cryptozoic –

No we have not made to the 1.5M goal yet, but Cryptozoic announced some bump on the previous stretch goal.


Plus One

Question: The 660K tier reward gave us +1 to PVE cards. Can that include PVP cards as well?

That makes sense. Yes, enjoy!

Question: Can the +1 Reward at the 660K tier apply to The Collector Tier yearly exclusive alternate art PVP cards?

That makes sense. Yes, enjoy!

So, the 660K +1 tier reward now also includes Kickstarter exclusive PVP rewards and the Collector yearly alternate art PVP cards. I’ll update the respective tier images soon to reflect that, as well add both the Dragon’s Blood starter deck and the Cardboard Tube Samurai to the Champion tier list which are currently missing.

In summary, you get not only an extra PvE exclusive but also PvP.  But perhaps the bigger effect is on the Collector Tier.  You will get 2 copies of collector edition exclusive alternative art PvP cards.  Since these are exclusive to this kickstarter, as the population of HEX grows, the value of these cards can become extremely high.  Though some of us might not want to sell them as its part of the collection.  But now since we get two, we can sell one and still keep the other for the purpose of collection.

Alternatively, if someone needs to have complete set you just need to trade 2 more.  Or right now, you can grab 2 collector’s Tiers (=$500).

Obviously, grand king tier would benefit from this as well.



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