Here is new play video and brief talk about interface of the HEX by Cory Jones on IGN.


On this video, there is confirmation that no 3D working around in the world.  This is a slight disappointment but perhaps least important factor the TCG.  Combining from the earlier official site article, it looks like the entry point to the PvE/Campaign mode is the scrollable 3D globe of Entrath.  Then we click on the part of the world, which takes us to the specific Dungeon.  Essentially, this is novel game format but with branching points/stories.

This just reminded me Final Fantasy XIII where there were phenomenal graphics but the actual game play was straight line.  Essentially the feel I got from the game was watching a interactive movie rather than playing a game.  HEX won’t have the walking 3D world environment but rather seem to be focusing on the actual gaming element, which I am sure 99% of us would enjoy more than the former when it comes to the TCG.

Cory mentioned one of the challenge in campaign has mini draft feel to it, which is very interesting.  Especially, he mentioned that the campaign mode can act as step by step tutorial even for beginners.  This latter information was not a surprise considering the level of detail and depth HEX have, it was easy to predict some sort of tutorial be there, and best place be the integration with the PvE mode.  But I didn’t think they’d even include draft tutorial experience in it.

Last but not least, there was a strong emphasis on the AI system on HEX.  One of the reason why traditional campaign mode on TCG had not seen a huge success in my opinion is the AI.  It’s extremely difficult to make AI in a game like TCG where so many combinations, but not only that constant update.  Cory specifically says he had hired one of the best TCG AI designer for HEX, which is great to hear.  Because campaign mode can easily become stale if AI does not give right amount of challenge.



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