【HEX】 TCG? MMO? No. It’s a T-shirt!

Today’s Kickstarter update revealed that Cryptozoic is considering to make a HEX T-shirts, and taking a vote whether to include exclusive PvE card or not.

I think most people will be stoked to get the cool cards, but if you feel differently, please vote that way, and in the end we will live by the decision of the community. The one thing I can guarantee is the shirts will be high quality with simple very cool designs, something you would actually want to wear.

As to the cards, here is a sample of one and the rough art will go along with it.

Chest’O Hex

Artifact – 2

[1], [ACT]: Create a random card and put it into the Chest’O Hex.

[X], [ACT], Sacrifice this artifact: Remove the threshold from all cards in the Chest’O Hex and put them into your hand.  (X is equal to the number of cards in the Chest’O Hex.)

(Rough Sketch of the card art is at the bottom of the post)

Here is the link to the POLL:


That’s right, we are making some T-Shirts, and I want your input. See how I cleverly wove that in!


So what are they asking? Basically, they are making a T-shirts which will be add on i.e. you have to pay for it.  Should the T-shirt include exclusive PvE card?

Personally, I voted no because for those of us/you who do not want to buy T-shirt but want to have all card now have to buy the T-shirt to get the card.  These things can get quite expensive quickly (not that TCGs are already expensive).  Soon we may end up seeing, exclusive card only if you attended GenCon etc.  Of course, we can always buy from others who got one but….

Now if you excuse me, I will try to find extra cash to buy the T-shirt…



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