【HEX】 It’s official new digital exclusive PvE card

Just other day Cryptozoic did a poll to see if people wants a exclusive PvE card along with a T-shirt, which you have to buy separately from Kickstarter.  The result is up.

The poll result is following.



So nearly 40% people voted “NO” to digitally exclusive PvE card along with T-shirt.

Obviously the main reason here is; otherwise, those who wants to collect cards have to buy T-shirt just to get the card.  Not only that, if this happens once it is going to happen again.  The Cryptozoic’s final decision is “no exclusive digital content along with T-shirt.”

So what is going to happen for the exclusive card that was planned for the release?

T-Shirt Poll

Thank you to everyone who participated in the t-shirt poll over the weekend on the HEX forums. As our company motto is Fans First, we wanted to open the discussion to you, the HEX community. Many of you pointed out the hazard of tying exclusive cards to physical goods, even if we were doing it through Kickstarter. We are making the tee-shirts and they’ll be solo. They’ll still be gorgeous, clean HEX designs printed on quality shirt stock, but feature no digital add-ons. Your feedback is truly appreciated and helped us make this decision. Thanks for keeping the discussion civil and constructive. We’ll show you the shirts and explain how to order them in a future update.

As for the card, we’ll be awarding that PVE card as an exclusive to Kickstarter backers as a thank you for participating in the discussion. From Squire to Producer, you’ll all receive a copy and due to the 660K stretch goal reward, you’ll all be getting an extra copy. Collectors, you’ll all be getting three copies. Hooray! We’ll unveil the full card in a later update.

So basically, they have decided to give those away for free to all kickstarter backers just as other PvE cards.  I’m amazed how generous Cryptozoic has really been.  Hopefully this is the trend of the company.  Their good deed and spirits should attract more players.  I’m really glad Cryptozoic is looking at the future rather than just short term profit.




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