【HEX】 Mobile support is now official, and new stretch goal is revealed.

More than a full week left, and HEX achieved 500% of its original goal.  Now it is official that HEX will be on the mobile platform.

So HEX will be seen on both Android and IPAD.  Remember these are for tablets and not for phone devices.

Now as for next stretch goal.  It is at 1.8 M.

Personally, I have no doubt that we’ll meet the 1.8M goal. The greatest part of this goal (to me) is the alpha access.  It just means we won’t have to wait until September to play HEX.

Obviously, funding is important but also we should look at how many backers since that tells us the number of players when in beta/alpha.  Currently just on the Kickstarter 9750 backers.  Add the Paypal, we have over 10,000.  Though it is uncertain how many of these are actually unique player i.e. some are one person buying multiple pledges.  Either way, I believe backers are growing as well, which is just as great news as unlocking stretch goals.


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