【HEX】The Geek Allstars Podcast

Over an hour of Podcast interviewing the Cory Jones, CEO of the Cryptozoic.  Couple interesting information were spilled/revealed.

  • Gems are free for all i.e. you got all you need from the start of account; however, you can only have four in a deck.  I.e. Multiple socketable cards are great but you cannot have more than 4 of the same gems in a same deck.
  • Already have plans for next two years.
  • Arena is one of dungeon setting which changes yearly.  The first season is giant squirrel vs. dinosaur.  You have to choose one side, and it is bound to your account.
    – You win a battle, you get a point and use the point to hire i.e. acquire PvE cards from the side
    – Thus, you won’t be able to get all PvE cards in one account as you cannot change the chosen side.
  • Resource system decision (around 35 minutes)
  • Equipment acquisition are not as easy as many would think.
  • 3 Sets a block.  Deep into Set.2 and already starting Set.3 development.
  • Exclusive physical items e.g. in GenCon will be like exclusive Mercenaries rather than special card to limit collectors from collecting them because they cannot attend the convention.
  • Lauching with 40 dungeons.  Each would take multiple hours i.e. estimating over 100 hours of play.

I’m sure I missed somethings, so if you are interested listen the actual Podcast and if you find anything that I’m missing above, please post a comment to share those to other visitors.



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