【Infinity Wars】 Price point was not bad to begin with but perhaps even better

As you can probably tell based on my recent posts, two digital TCG I am most excited about at the moment are HEX and Infinity Wars.  Infinity Wars have a really great potential and uniqueness.  The only potential drawback or challenge (in my opinion) was the price point.  But it looks like Lightmare now seems to address this matter a bit in an interesting way.

How much is Infinity Wars?

For the full price analysis, you can see here.  Basically $2/pack.  This is not a bad price but consider it is identical to the baseline price of HEX, which most likely be cheaper due to VIP subscription plan, massive booster pack release into the market with Kickstarter (currently priced at less than 80 cents/pack for higher Tiers).  The last I’ve heard the rumor of Solforge is that it will also have the price point similar to these i.e. $2.

Now the issue is HEX and Solforge are made by relatively reputable companies in the field of trading card game; whereas, Lightmare is not.  So matching the price to major brand names simply put Infinity Wars in disadvantage of its own independent of the game play.

So yes. Compared to game like Magic the Gathering, it is a good start but considering the competitions it is facing, I think Infinity Wars price point can be its Achilles heel when comes to sell to the mass market.

So what have they decided to do?



The first thing they did is promotional price.  Normally this starter deck costs around $5 but you can buy this for $2.50.  I’m sure they will rotate the promotion and give discount to other starter decks as well in the future.  Very good start.



The second thing is double the IP time and caps.  Normally, no matter how much you play you are capped at the level where you can only get 1 normal booster pack a day (which only contains 3 cards with highest rarity guranteed is uncommon).  But during specific period of time, you can double this i.e. you can get 2 normal packs a day.  Please note these are not booster packs in sense that you get full 15 cards and one of which is guranteed rare or higher but still a great bonus, and motivation for players to join the game.

The last piece is an official tournament with a prize, but this seems a worth mention of its own post so check the other thread for this news.

If you still have not signed up for beta, go sign up here.  If you having an issue getting beta invite, let me know.  I may be able to invite you.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Michael on June 14, 2013 at 8:56 am

    Can i have invite to beta? i signed on site but not recive 😦


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