【HEX】 Resource system decision explained by Cory Jones

I’ve seen as many compliments as a complaints regarding to the choice of resource system HEX is using.  It looks like the concern mainly coming from the WOW TCG players.  Personally, I have not played WOW TCG but someone told me it is similar to Carte, which I loved its resource system.  So if I have to take one side, I am one of those people who wondered why HEX did not use resource system like in WOW or perhaps Shadow Era, which is primarily based on WOW TCG.  Here is an explanation by Cory Jones from the recent Pod Cast by the The Geek Allstars.

The interviewer appropriately used example from Twitter’s live play video where Ben Stoll had clearly suffered from a mana crew, which is basically you don’t draw resource cards multiple consecutive turns i.e. you cannot grow your resource i.e. your play is now completely resource bound.

Cory Jones, CEO of the Cryptozoic, explains that they have placed 8 months of time before arriving to the conclusion of the current resource system that HEX uses.

For those who are not familier with different types of resource system, basically HEX uses one that is very similar to Magic i.e. you have specific card types called resource and they are one of cards in your deck.  So you have draw resource card, and place them to build up your resource.

Alternative to this approach are ones used in WOW TCG, Carte, and Shadow Era.  You can sacrifice any card you want to create a resource.

Clearly with the latter approach, you will not face mana screw or mana flood because all of your card can be sacrificed to become “resource card” but at its basis they are their to do other things.

Cory’s response was basically even WOW TCG, which Cryptozoic makes, have resource bound issue.  One may not realize but its there.  His argument is with the sacrificial system, people make decks with assumption of by turn X you get X mana/resources.  So it now becomes matter of whether you have right X cost card at right turn.

Because of this, most game tends to end at turn 8.

Interesting argument/explanation.  I know several players on the official forum tried to say “but luck makes fun part of game etc.” but this explanation made a bit more sense to me.

Am I convinced this system is better than that of Sacrificial system like in Carte?  To be honest, I’m not completely sold yet.  But when we actually get our hands on the game, all the concern may just evaporates away.

Now are you convinced?


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