【HEX】 The depth of lores & potential of the game 48 classes

I’m not a big lore reader and in fact never read any background story of TCG when I played them in the past.  But I know there are many out there value background stories/lores almost as important as the actual game.  As we have already seen HEX has such a detailed, well thoughtout background story.  Since the story is not added to the card but rather in synchrony or perhaps the story was developed before cards, this time I actually do see the power of well developed story.  8 main races and 6 classes really means 48 classes in the game of HEX.

On the official forum a player had asked if there are specific lores about a class.  In this case it was Warlock.  Following is the reply from the Cryptozoic employee.

Yes, every class is available to every race in the PVE campaign.

Each of the classes mean different things to each race. At some point we will do a detailed lore overview of each race/class combination.

But for now, since you specifically asked about warlocks, here is a very brief rundown of how warlocks are integrated into each of the major races:

Human warlocks consult with the spirits of the kings, nobles, and knights who have passed on, even calling for the ghosts of humanity’s most courageous dead warriors to assist them in combat. Many of these ghosts have had their former bodies “stolen” by the necrotic, so they are more than willing to battle against them.

Coyotle warlocks are also known as “spirit walkers”. They have the closest connection with the spirit world and often use dreamcatchers and totems in their rituals to communicate with the ghosts of the tribe’s ancestors.

Elf warlocks are wildshapers who can command elements of nature to do their bidding. They are all about using the death and decay of natural things and reforming them into useful magic, such as animating a swamp creature, a puddle of ooze, or a walking tree to fight for them.

Orc warlocks oversee the arena combat system, when and who fights, and what happens to the remains of those that have fallen. They are the servants of the mountain god and responsible for ensuring that the flow of blood never stops. If there is a shortage of blood for their god, they willingly sacrifice from their own numbers to appease it.

Dwarf warlocks often carry a cauldron of molten fluid on their back, and drop anything they can find (object or living creature) into it to fuel their sacrifices. A warlock has such dedication to their craft that they can immerse themselves in fire or lava briefly without injury, making them virtuosos of the forge.

Necrotic warlocks have a fierce command of the undead. They typically have a squad of zombies, skeletons, and wraiths at their beck and call. Some necrotic warlocks are known as Midnight Shepherds.

Shin’hare warlocks are master alchemists, and are in charge of keeping the Exalted Emperor alive, as well as keeping the Concubunnies fertile.

Vennen warlocks are the Grand Inquisitors of vennen society, and are obsessed with cruelty, horror, and fanaticism to the cause of blood magic. Warlocks will often organize public rituals of torture and execution in the vennen city, where “heretics” are gathered to be sacrificed in painful blood rituals (typically, committing the crime of “heresy” is merely being a non-vennen).

All are Warlock classes, but depending on what race you are, they are really a different class.


Source: http://forums.cryptozoic.com/showthread.php?t=23390


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