【HEX】 Interview with Cory Jones by Angry Joe

Another Youtube video of HEX.  This time there is no game play but it looks like Angry Joe having detailed interview with Cory Jones about the game.

  • PvE can have fun BROKEN combo but no degenerative combo.  By degenerative, Cory means turn 1 ending game etc.  To avoid this, no card will reduce its cost to 0.
  • 40 dungeons at launch.
  • 8 dungeon arcs i.e. one connects to others.  Other standalone dungeons are also in existent.
  • 2 vs. 2 is in consideration, but won’t be at launch.  In fact its already in the testing mode, but making sure people will have a fun i.e. balance between waiting time and actual play.
  • Guild bank allows you to check in your own created deck, and other guild members can check it out and play against other players in the guild.  Then leave notes e.g. suggestion of how to improve.
  • Potential guild combat i.e. guild centric tournament with ranking of the guild
  • Continued investment like World of Warcraft.  Hoping to have quarterly upgrade/update with new features.
  • Only 3 things where HEX charges money: Starter deck, booster packs, and VIP program.
  • Humans have the best back story.
  • Another confirmation of Wild west tournament format where every card can be played including PvE cards.
  • PvE items i.e. equipment, PvE cards as well as PvP cards are all tradable through the auction house.  So it will be possible to correct PvE items and get PvP.
  • Auction house uses in game currencies.  Cryptozoic is interesting in making real money based auction house someday, but not right at the beginning.
  • Spectator mode.  Still uncertain when it will be but sounds like they have a plan.
  • Cross platform between tablet against desktop.
  • Alpha access date undecided but several weeks before the beta is a plan.

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