【HEX】 No new tiers for Kickstarter.

I know there are people who felt like they have missed their opportunities to get the tiers they wanted especially Pro and Grand King Tiers.  Some may had a hope “maybe new tiers will be added before the end of Kickstarter”.  The official word is out.

1. I imagine the “alpha” will be several weeks long. We want to balance “what is
polished enough” to show you, with giving you a bit of time in HEX before anyone
2. No more tiers, under any circumstances. 

Well don’t give up a hope entirely.  You can still try this method and potentially snatch those sold out tiers.

However, the worst situation is missing out this phenomenal deal entirely.  If you are telling yourself, “well if I can’t get GK or Pro, I’m just losing here.  So I won’t donate at all.”  I bet you will regret that decision more than not being able to get GK or Pro.  Because any one of the Tiers are bargain.  See here and here.  In any other game, any one of the Tiers can be limited special deal, and perhaps flied off shelves in no time.

Since Solforge was one of the most successful Kickstarter pledge in a genre of digital TCG, let’s take a look at what it had offered.  For the comparison, I just grabbed $115 digital Tier.


$120 (in game credit)
$10 (bonus)
5 booster packs ($10?)
1 starter deck ($10?)

Total pack value: $165 for $115.
Saving: $50.

There are some promo cards, digital art book etc. are added here as well but those added bonuses are also many more on HEX.

*Since booster pack and starter deck prices of Solforge are not available yet, I made an assumption they are similar to HEX, which I believe is a fair estimate.


For HEX, I grabbed King Tier ($120) for comparision.

King Tier Saved amount
4 Starter Decks 40
150 Booster Packs 300
Primal Pack 30
5 booster packs 10
3 free booster drafts 21
Dragon’s Blood Starter Deck 10
3 months of VIP 12
5 set 2 booster packs (if hit 1.5M) 10
Exclusive cards x 2
433 $313.00

So if you have any interest in HEX, grab what you can.  The worst comes the worst, all you have to do is sell the account/content to other and you should have no problem getting all money back, and more likely you will actually be making some profit.





2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Fireblast on June 2, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    During last Solforge stream Kibler said the booster’s price is not final but it should be around 2 bucks.
    Your assumptions seems correct.

    You should compare Solforge $10k vs HEX $10k too 🙂



    • Posted by houshasen on June 2, 2013 at 3:14 pm

      Thanks for confirming. It seems like new TCG’s standard is $2. Infinity Wars is also $2. $10k value of HEX is priceless.


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