【HEX】Next stretch goal revealed and less than 3 days left

We have unlocked the first stretch goal, which means we will now get an alpha access several weeks before the beta, which is still scheduled to be released in September.

The next stretch goal is 2.1 M.  Currently when we combine Paypal funding and Kickstarter funding, we are already over 1.95M.  So there is no question that we will get the next stretch goal but perhaps it may be the last one.  Kickstarter tends to get a last day surge, but considering how much HEX got so far we may not see the surge.  Though it would certainly be nice to see unlocking everything and done with the kickstarter.

So as far as the number of the Set 3 packs goes, here are what we get based on the pledge tier levels.

Squire, Warrior: 1 Pack of Set 3 
Captain, Knight:  3 packs of Set 3 
Champion, King:  5 packs of Set 3 
All levels above King:  15 packs of Set 3

Perhaps this is getting old, but I just have to say this.  Cryptozoic is really generous.  They have added further values to each Tiers.

Lastly, Dungeon Crawler is selling faster than I had imagined.  There is merely 100 spots left where yesterday had over 300.    This means by the same time tomorrow, this Tier will be sold out.



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