【HEX】 48 hours left for kickstarters. What tier should you get?

As expected, now the Dungeon Crawler tier is sold out.  The next popular $250 Tier is collector tier.  If you are one of those who is really interested in HEX, but have not decided which one to pledge or still debating, here is my recommendation.

Go with King

King Tier is not cheap. It’s $120.  For which you will get over $400 value, and indeed the cheapest way to get booster packs.

King Tier ($120)     Saved amount
4 Starter Decks 40    
150 Booster Packs 300    
Primal Pack 30    
5 booster packs 10    
3 free booster drafts 21    
Dragon’s Blood Starter Deck 10    
3 months of VIP 12    
5 set 2 booster packs (if hit 1.5M) 10    
Exclusive cards x 2      
  433   $313.00

However, the real value of this Tier actually lies on a single PvE card.

Spectral Lotus


This is a PvE card i.e. you cannot play on the PvP; however, this card is extremely strong.  How strong?  Essentially, every deck should have this card.  In competitive environment, this card will be banned.  

So  you want to have this card if you plan to play PvE mode.  

How do you get it?  Spectral Lotus Garden!

Each day that you login to your HEX account, your Spectral Lotus Garden will provide you a Spectral Lotus, a PVE-only card. So, why would you need a new one every day? Well, the catch is that once you’ve played the Spectral Lotus and then activated it, the card is gone forever (though it does leave behind this nifty Black Tiger). In other words, it’s worth saving these things for when you really need them, whether you’re going all out trying to achieve an impossibly braggable record in the survival-mode arena or trying to conquer some of the most super-difficult super-secret challenges that are hidden throughout the campaign

King Tier is the lowest pledge level that you can receive Spectral Lotus garden.

Is there any way to get this card once Kickstarter ends?

Based on the promises of Cryptozoic, the only way you can get this card after the Kickstarter is to get it from auction house.  If anyone sells Sectral Lotus garden, the price will be pretty high and likely to become higher and higher as the population of player increases.  So be prepared to pay some serious premium price for this card if you want to wait after the Kickstarter.

On the other hand, Spectral Lotus itself will be a different story. You should be able to buy/trade this from auction house as everyone is producing this card every day.  If defeating hard PvE dungeon or Raid bosses require Spectral Lotus with use of its ability, the demand of Spectral Lotus be higher; hence, the card will be higher value.  If people don’t really need this to win, then players will just get 4 copies and don’t use the its ability i.e. won’t be as high demand.

It is hard for me to predict which way it’s gonna go but either way, you will be paying/trading for a card that Spectral Lotus garden owner be producing for free.


So if you can afford it, try at least King Tier.  The other lower tiers are good but if you can make the last push to buy the King Tier.




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