【HEX】 Most extensive Q&A to the date.

Multiple questions and answers directly from the Cory Jones, Cryptozoic President.  These questions were asked in real time by future players.  Many of previously wondered questions are answered here.

  • 2.1M extended stretch goal story will be up dated every Monday, Weds, and Friday!
  • Story will be carried by illustration, text and chat.  There are times you have to make a selection.
  • Master account implementation will be there to allow all the cards acquired in PvE mode to be playable independent of which side you choose (Ardent vs. Underground).  Currently under consideration of creating 2 keeps which was acting as top level where you kept your collection in original design.  So one for underground and the other for Arden.
  • Mac & PC will be launched at the same time.
  • Dungeon encounters range from 3-4 to 18. (Remember 40 dungeons at launch)
  • Dungeon progression can be saved for the later play.  Even leaving one dungeon and go to different dungeon then come back to previous one.  You can continue where you left.
  • Currently in discussion for possibility of some of European language(s).
  • PvE will have level that allows you to experience draft.
  • You can use card you own as many times as you want in as many decks i.e. 4 copies will cover everything.
  • For keep, you make 3 decks as a defender.  Attacker have to beat with 1 deck.
  • Upgrade to keep gives some benefit i.e. customization of keep make not only visual difference but actual keep play.
  • Attacker must pay some amount of gold to attack you.  If you successfully defend, the part of gold comes to you and others go to part of the prize for next challenger (if he can defeat you).
  • +100% root on Dungeon Crawler Tier gives you two rolls.
  • Player to player transfer will be available i.e. you don’t have to use Auction House for that.
  • After kickstarter, there won’t be a daily update.  Weekly update for Kickstarter discussing the progress and card spoiler.  The Hex site will have more frequent.  *2.1M goal now unlocked M,W,F articles for sure.
  • (as far as Cory understands) +100% root bonus from Dungeon Crawler works for Raid battle as well.
  • Mobile platform will have identical features as desktop version.
  • No offline capability.  At most management capability.
  • Pro Tier tournaments will be divided into smaller groups (e.g. 200) so higher chance of being able to win!
  • Skirmish against AI will be available.
  • Commander format?  Any major format will likely show up on HEX but with digital exclusive twist/evolution.
  • At the launch of beta, the game will be PvP centric but element of PvE are present i.e. you can level up mercenaries, champion etc.  The second phase [of beta?] will introduce the actual PvE.
  • No plan for Ouya.
  • Tribal deck even non-primary race will be possible in the future.
  • Is resetting card stat be possible?  Still in discussion.
  • When your card levels up extended foil version be revealed, but it can be turned off.

*There is a confusion whether Dungeon Crawler’s loot bonus works on the Raid boss or not.  Cory’s statement was as far as he knows it should work unless someone else had changed without telling him.  Now Raid bosses are compilation of bosses from dungeons based on the HEX official site article, so it is definitely a possibility.  Although it may have made a bit more sense to have this effect attached to Raid Tier as well.  The reason some are still questioning/doubting is in the past reportedly many were told/heard by others (Cryptozoic employee?), DC bonus will not apply to Raid.  Most likely we will hear something official today on Kickstarter.

Update: 6/6/2013 Following the official statement regarding to the DC bonus on Raids.

Dungeon Crawler Whoopsie

On a livestream interview yesterday, riding a sugar high from birthday cake and Coca Cola, Cory misspoke about the Dungeon Crawler allowing for an additional loot roll on Raid Bosses. Dungeon Crawler only works in dungeons. When asked for comment, Cory Jones was quoted as saying, “Sorry, I blew it.”

There has got to be a better way to say that.



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