【HEX】 Legendary kickstarter result for digital TCG is ending soon.

Whether you like HEX or not, since you are reading my blog you are digital TCG fan.  HEX has already made a record of the most funded TCG on kickstarter.  And it will continue to make more histories when the game actually launches.  There is no doubt about it.  Whether the game succeeds or otherwise, it will simply change the whole digital TCG industry.  Now the chance of you being able to participate the birth of the legendary TCG moment is about to end (technically there is option for slacker bucker).

At the time of writing this, when you combine Paypal we are currently little short of $2.3M and 16 hours left.  For the record, the best day of HEX pledge total was $150k.  This means unless we break our record (by a quite margin), we will not reach the goal.

The original goal mentioned above of physical HEX convention created a significant negative comments as many could not attend, and in which case there is really no direct gain from achieving the goal.  Though I would argue that it will increase overall reputation of the game, and publicity of the game i.e. increase HEX community and hence affect every one of us.  However, the part I did not like originally was if we cannot attend the convention how would we get the promotional material that they surely plan to provide at the convention.

The concern/complain are quickly ended by the second update of the kickstarter comment, which confirms that all the buckers will receive them even when we cannot attend the convention.

Again, remember what you would get from pledging on HEX is astounding.  You are unlikely to see this much bonus values in any other kickstarter, and HEX is actually the most detailed, and polished digital TCG that has been through kickstarter.  So it is a win win situation.

This game will be a huge success for no doubt.  Will it be next Magic or Yu Gi Oh?  I certainly hope so; but even that may not be the case, HEX will certainly and already is one of the most popular digital TCG based on the kickstarter result.  This is not just from the total pledge amount, but more importantly the number of buckers.

We will have over 15,000 players in alpha.  That’s a massive start.  Do yourself a favor, and if you have not pledged on this game, and reading this.  Just pick up the highest tier that you can afford.  You will not regret it.





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