【HEX】 Kickstarter ended with a legendary success.

Undoubtedly, this is the #1 TCG in kickstarter funding history but Cory Jones mentioned that it is actually top 10 in genre of gaming, and top 20 of entire kickstarter project to date.  For somewhat niche game as TCG, these are amazing numbers.  If this is a reflection of what would happen after public release, the game is going to be massive.

The final pledged amount is…

pledged of $300,000 goal

seconds to go

No HEX convention?

Don’t give your hopes up yet.  There are still unrevealed paypal numbers which is roughly $200k.  The sales of T-shirts will also count.  So that is pretty darn close.


According to the Kickstarter comment section, there are typically 10% of funding removed due to backers not fulfilling the commitment to their pledges.  So that can take down us back to $2.25M range.

So “No HEX convention.”


Guess what slack backer will count towards the goal as well!!  So there is almost no question that we will make to the $2.5M goal.

The official tallied number will come in sometime next week.


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