【HEX】The final tally from Kickstarter & Paypal are in.

The biggest question is did we make it to $2.5M final goal?

The final pledge including slacker backer is …


So yes. we made it! We unlocked essentially every single goal including the extended goal.  Nothing left behind.  This makes me feel really good, and I know this was well calculated result by Cryptozoic.  Personally, I hate seeing some wonderful goal that is shown and couldn’t reach to it.  Or probably it wouldn’t be as fun if we just readily unlocked the last goal.

For those of you who weren’t following HEX kickstarter campaign, the last goal we were shooting for was the actual physical convention.

For those of you who cannot attend the physical convention.  No worries.  Its Cryptozoic!  The motto of the company is the fan’s first.  So they will provide us all digital contents that are exclusive to HEXCon attendee will be also provided to kickstarter backer even if you could not attend the convention physically.  Of course, I hope they will provide digital way of participating convention as well since this is digital only TCG.




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