【Infinity Wars】Quest

This seems almost automatic inclusion for any dTCG; however, that has not been the case.  Why?  There are couple reasons I can think of.  Having said that, it is a great decision on Lightmare including this feature.

What’s Quest?

Quests are small challenge that changes weekly.  Here are some examples of the objectives from this week’s quest:

  • Play 3 merged deck games
  • Be friend with two people
  • Win a game while losing more than 2 characters.


This is where I love the decision Lightmare made.  Some of the prizes consist of timed exclusive card from upcoming set.  This serves two great things:

  • Preview.  In TCG, preview of the upcoming set is always one of the most important part of non-game news.  In IW, you can actually play them!  Furthermore, we get to see new cards every week even several months before new set release.
  • Timed exclusivity.  Exclusivity add interesting part in the TCG.  However, completely exclusive card can easily bother many players especially when they missed the timing/event etc.  Here if you missed right quest at right timing, you will not get the preview card.  But its only timed exclusiveness.  Once the full set goes public, it is open to anyone.  Personally, this is the best way to implement exclusive card in my opinion.



So why doesn’t every dTCG include this feature?

Two main reasons I can think of.  First reason is giving away unnecessary too many free cards.  After all, this is business for the developers.  Though considering common or uncommon rarities card generally have no real value in any dTCG, I find this is a weak excuse.  The second and perhaps most important reason (I can think of) is balance.  New cards in TCG are balanced based on other cards in the same set.  For instance, if you have a new mechanics the game also need to introduce a counter for it.  Another aspect of the balance is potential changes in the card stat.  Most dTCG company are small so I am assuming they develop new set until very last minute before its release rather than staying ahead of the game i.e. working on set.3 before set.2 is released.  For this reason, giving preview card in such early stage can result in complete change in the stat of the game when the game is actually released.

I believe the “balance” part is the real reason behind many company won’t take this approach.  But as a player, I can easily accept those fact.  The gain here is much more than potential minor issue.

So let’s thank Lightmare what they have done here!


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