【Infinity Wars】The first world championship with a big prize

Perhaps Lightmare be relatively new to TCG market; however, they are certainly placing their maximum effort into this high quality game.  It is just interesting to watch how this game continues to evolve.  Now they are hosting the very first world championship with a huge prize.


Infinity Wars Fans,

We’re organizing our first official Infinity Wars Championship. These are very early days for us in regards to E-Sports, so kindly know that things will likely change greatly between here and the actual first event.

What we’re stating here are the intentions we have for this first, of what we intend to be a monthly competition; to find the greatest Infinity Wars player in the multiverse. We will crown them with the title “Negasis July 2013” (full reasons and sweet, sweet benefits for this epic name will be revealed down the line).

We want to offer a cash 1st prize of $1,000. Note this is pending our legal clarification of this, but we want players to eventually, dare I say it, earn a living from being a pro. The full vision I have for this is too insane to state now, so let’s just focus on this very first step.

Our plans for the games themselves, will take place in round robin across a 5 hour block. You’ll be given your opponent and a time to be in the game to have your matches. We’ll look to stream some of the community favorite players perspectives straight after the matches and not announcing the winner until the stream is done. The finals will also be streamed after the match and unannounced until the rest of us can safely watch the game and see for ourselves. This will be a world wide tourney so we’ve placed the zone  in the best possible time for most of us, apologies if you’ll be out of your sleeping pattern but we trust you understand what it takes to get this coordinated like this. James (Teremus) will be in charge of coordinating the tournaments and running the events themselves.

Our current entry cost for the competition will be 2500LP. We are open to further down the line having an IP cost but this won’t be even possible until this is established and working well. Supplementary prizes are currently unannounced but will certainly involve a lot o packs o cards. :)

So, looking for expressions of strong interest right now as we firm up details. Got what it takes?

Be one of the first to post your interest below and any suggestions or questions you might have.

Reality will never be the same…

Elphie “Agent” Coyle.
Co-Creator & Partner Initiator
Infinity Wars.
Creator & Chairman
Lightmare Studios.

You read it right. Lightmare is trying to provide real money prize with this brand new TCG.  Certain state in US have legal limit/issue with this so I am not sure it will be finalized.  But key here is their intention/ambition.

Real money prize will certainly attract many more players who are considered as hardcore TCG players/Pro players.  The importance of having these people is obvious.  The community with grow rapidly, the quality of the game will be polished.

The only challenge/question for this potentially historic event is slightly hefty price tag for the entry.  It is approximately $17.  The price itself is relatively high, but can be compensated depending on what the supplementary prizes are.

Are you up for the challenge?



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