【Infinity Wars】 New Formats

Infinity Wars continues to evolve.  The best thing about this game is the developers listen to communities.  Yes. they are rather small company, but that may be why Lightmare tries to focus on the priorities where players care the most.  This time with the latest update, they have added new formats for play.

Deck Formats

We’ve added many new deck formats for players, each one created for a specific gameplay experience. We hope you’ll enjoy playing some of these new formats! We have plans to update the current UI to better account for the existence of multiple formats, such as updating the Deckbuilder to show the legality of your deck in multiple formats.

The formats in Infinity Wars are now as follows:

  • Normal: What we’ve all been playing. Any card is allowed.
  • Tournament: Only fully released sets of cards are allowed.
  • Pauper: An oft-requested format by fans, only commons are allowed, creating a friendly environment for players without access to expensive cards.
  • Single: Only a single copy of any card is allowed, creating a fun environment with high variance draws.

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