【Infinity Wars】Official tournament is here

Summary: First official tournament is here.

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, thank you for being a part of our beta test. It means so much to Lightmare that all of you are assisting us in creating the best Digital TCG available to the greatest group of players around. That being said, I want to make a thread specifically devoted to informing everyone the rules of this upcoming tournament starting on the 6th. We all know by now that you just purchase the token from the store, open your packs, do a bit of trading, and get your decks ready to go for the fun.

“But Teremus, what do I do if -, what happens if – ” Those kinds of questions will be answered here, and I’ll start from the very beginning all the way to the end. For the purpose of efficiency, please limit questions about the rules of the tournament itself to this thread and this thread only. Do not place them in the forum as they will be deleted and added to this thread.

Preparing for the tournament

How do I enter?
Head to the store in-game and spend the 2500LP necessary to purchase the token. When purchased you will automatically have one super booster opened, the other 9 will be added to your inventory as rewards for you to open immediately and trade between the community. You will also have a tournament token in your inventory as proof of registration. Unfortunately we do not have the credit card purchasing system in place, but it definitely will be down the road.

What can/can’t I use in my deck as I prepare?
Only the first set of cards is able to be used for this tournament, meaning no RISE cards are eligible. I will provide a list of cards a little further down. You are free to alter your deck as you see fit throughout the tournament, as there is no in-game support for any of the functions we desire for our tournaments in the future. They will be developed and implemented as time goes on in the beta.

Cards that are banned for this tournament

  • Yobo, who nobody likes
    Zombie Scavenger
    Vanguard Knight
    Verore Kidnapper
    Disciple of Mian Monastary
    Genesis Scavenger
    Dark Blast
    Word of Command
    Harbinger of Light
    Zom B Gone 4000
    Protector of the Dead
    Aleta, Immortal Traveler

Please note that this list includes cards that will be distributed while the tournament is happening, so you may not recognize some of these cards yet.  “Teremus, why are they banned?” Because while you may have had access to these cards via the quests, others may not have been so lucky. So we don’t want to alienate someone for that purpose alone.  Besides, no one likes Yobo anyways. 8)

Starting your tournament experience

Finding your opponent

This line of text is reserved for links to the portion of our website and challonge where you can view the stepladder organization and matches to see your scheduled opponents.

Scheduling your matches

Because there is no in-game tournament support as of yet, you will need to schedule your matches between you and your opponent yourselves and work out the time to do it throughout the week that is allotted to you. Do so in this tournament sub-forum, in-game, however you wish to. If effort is shown on one player’s end but not from the other, the one not participating will be disqualified and the player actively participating will win by default.

I will be posting a thread in this sub-forum for each match scheduled. You are free to discuss with your scheduled opponent whatever you wish to in there, and if you wish to file a report for the match please do so in the thread created for you and I will attend to it. Please check back regularly as the brackets will be updating live on challonge and our website, and I will be deleting/updating forum threads.

Competing in your scheduled match

Here’s the one you’re all looking for. What are the rules on the competition itself. Here goes:

First things first, as mentioned above your decks are limited to cards from the first core set only. No RISE cards will be tolerated. “Teremus, how will you possibly regulate this?” Here’s what you need to do when you create your tournament match. There is now a line of Game Formats on the left side of the Play screen. “Tournament” is the only format you’re allowed to use for this event as it forces a legality check for the deck selected for any RISE cards. When hosting your match, or inviting your opponent to the match, you MUST have the Tournament format selected to compete in your scheduled match.

You have an entire week from the 6th to the 13th to complete your scheduled match(es). Please maintain a vigilant watch of the website and the forums to see updated match listings and information. From the 14th to the 20th will be semi-finals leading up the final matches. The 21st will be the final matches of the tournament and we will crown a victor.

If you wish to report anything you view as fraudulent activity or something that you feel warrants an investigation, please report it in your match thread. Example scenarios being an opponent disconnecting from the match and claiming it was bad internet when you were clearly going to win the match, simply provide a screenshot or a video and I will take appropriate action. In the case of neither player selecting the tournament format and you see RISE cards being used, that is grounds for immediate disqualification should you report it to me (Feel free to be fair to your opponent and inform them that you need to re-start the match using the tournament format button). In the case of a draw, a re-match is necessary.

Once your match is complete, please ensure both combatants report the verdict of the match in your created thread. The thread will have your usernames in it, so it’ll be pretty easy to find.

Thank you very much for your time in reading these rules, and your cooperation in following them. We hope to serve you an enjoyable and competitive environment. These will become a bit more frequent after this first event as we continue to develop in-game support for this system.

James Jones ~JJJ
Lightmare Studios & Infinity Wars

2500LP, which is equal to US$20, is not cheap for entry fee but you will get 10 super booster packs which typically costs $2 each.   However, considering the normal superbooster costs 300LP each, this is technically a little bargen with FREE entry to the tournament.  So if you are thinking about buying some booster packs, there is basically NO reason not to buy this.


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