[Infinity Wars] New Reward System

Well from the alpha version, I have been saying the biggest concern of this game for its potential success that it deserves is “its cost”.  Now this is getting harder and harder to assess for me because this game offers some free reward options, which initially started out as somewhat like Shadow Era i.e. yes. free rewards but practically hard to get real competitive card using it.  Let’s take a quick look at the history of how it is evolving in terms of FREE rewards.  Of course the main reason why I talk about this today is “I love what I see.”

These not by any means inclusive, but here is how things sort of started and evolved.

  • Free IP point with daily cap.  The cap was initially set so that you can get 3 card pack each day if you so desire, but the real pack i.e. 15 cards will require 5 days worth of play with maxing out the reward each day.
  • Campaign mode/tutorial completion rewards some cards.
  • Added weekend double cap bonus i.e. you can get double IP cap over the weekend i.e. you can almost get 2 normal packs a week.
  • Added preview bonus i.e. quest.  By completing some specific task, you can get card from the subsequent set.
  • Soften the cap i.e. now can go even above the previous daily max IP but the amount is just a little less.
  • And…..

Now we have daily reward of a random card when you play the first game.  The greatest part of this is, you can actually win any rarity.  Below is a picture from the official forum post.

This is essentially extra 30 cards each month with potential of a legendary or rare.

I still think $2/pack is a bit steep considering its competitors (who have more publicity) have similar price setting, but these rewards system will add up.

Infinity Wars is not just evolving from the game mechanics/card aspect, but also price point! Way to go Lightmare.


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