【HEX】 Free Pro Tier!

Yes. we have read this right.  There is one free pro tier that will be given away on Utopian Chaos, which is one of relatively newly laucnhed dTCG site where I have been writing some articles.  This is nothing but a generous offer.

Just a reminder.   This was $250 tier on Kickstarter, which sold out the first despite its relatively hectic price.  Why did it happen?  Well because it was that good of a deal.  What made this tier different from other $250 Tiers was that you can get LIFETIME once a week draft.  In HEX, a draft will cost $7 so if you do a math this alone can pay back $250 in merely 36 weeks (even if you get nothing else).

But in reality, even if you don’t have the LIFETIME draft the values you get from everything else are already way more than $250.

So the most important part is how you can receive one.  You just have to participate in dicussion at the Utopian Chaos site.  Here is the link. The winner will likely be announced during the GenCon.



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