【Infinity Wars】 Timed Exclusive Rise Preorder

Are you excited about the Rise but waiting until 8/31 is way too long?  Here is a good news.

There is timed exclusive bonus of pre-ordering Rise though in game token.  This will get you basically 2 weeks head start on Rise cards.

写真: Preorders for the next site "RISE" have begun!Head into the store to see how you can get your hands on the power! And if you're interested in what you can expect in the new set...well keep your eyes pinned right here. ~JJJ

One thing I admire what Lightmare is doing here is that they did not make any exclusive card for those who preorder.  Personally, I hate that kind of business model.  This may be because I have collector’s mentality.  Though one thing it would have been nicer is preorder bonus i.e. 50% off price etc. had been really nice.  But otherwise timed exclusivity is nice a great idea.


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