【HEX】 Alpha on its track for release in End of September

A bit of a push from original schedule as Beta was scheduled for September release; hence, most of us were expecting the alpha to be in August.  But currently the alpha is on the track for end of September release.

If you missed Kickstarter, you can still get alpha access with some bonuses through slacker backer purchase/pledge.


  • HEX MMO TCG alpha invite (Fall 2013) and beta invite as a special thank you for contributing .
  • 1 Starter Deck (in addition to your free Starter Deck at account creation)
  • 25 Set 1 Booster Packs
  • 2 months of VIP Program (1 pack per week, access to an exclusive tournament and deck tools)
  • Princess Cory Promo Card
  • Chest’O HEX Promo Card
  • Digital Art Book “The Art of HEX” in PDF format

This package is total of $68 retail value with plus two PvE promo cards, alpha access and digital art book.


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