【Chromancer】 The world first adaptive strategy dTCG

To be honest, anything probably can be called the world first by putting a little subelement to dTCG, so its not the classification of the genre that caught my eye but rather its actual relative uniqueness of the game design.  As we all know there are many dTCG already and there are many more coming.  It is not easy to have unique mechanics at its foundation of the game design in this age because most have probably already tried out.  Now perhaps what the Chromancer is trying to do had already be done in the past as well, but at least I have not heard of.  It still has 34 days to go on kickstarter and far from relatively high goal for a game that is created by Indy company.

Personally, I have not backed this project yet and may not do so but still I am intrigued by design and will keep following about this game until the end of kickstarter at least.

Platform: Browser based (so assuming it will work on tablets as long as they don’t use some fancy plugins)

For its detail, you better watch twich or read the official site but in short, followings are some interesting aspect of the game.

  • Your goal is to destroy 3 strongholds with each representing actual game mechanics i.e. graveyard, deck, and resource storage.  So whenever any one  of gets destroyed, you lose the ability from the game.
  • You build your field.  Each players have 15 slots to put field (8 different types).  On the field, you place your strongholds (initial turns are just this).  Then later you can put more field and on top of the field you can put structures (towers, castle or whatever you call).  Interesting part is some structures can be only placed over a specific type of field i.e. field type matters.  Then you also put your creatures on the field or slot without a field (called void).  But placing on void get penalty so generally on the field.  You can put as many creature as you want on a field i.e. 15 slots are just for field not limit of creatures.  I can already imagine so many things you can do with this part of game mechanics.
  • Spell, equipment etc. are for creatures.  Your creature cast spell cards not you.  Again, interesting mechanics here.  The game will have mana and technically you manage them by creating field but the mana type is not different from one field to another.  However, this creature driven approach makes your deck geared to one color rather than multicolor (multicolor is of course possible)
  • Card cycling.  When you saw graveyard as part of stronghold, you may have though what to lose when you don’t have graveyard?  It actually matters a lot in this game even when you don’t use a deck that interacts with graveyard.  This is because in Chromancer, every turn a graveyard card is shuffled back into your deck, and the deck size is actually rather small 24 (assuming not including field cards).  So it is more likely that you will have chance to use all cards you included in your deck.
  • Instant/counter mechanics.  This had not been officially discussed until today where on the official forum it was answered.   DIP games are always welcome and this just add real depth to this game (in my opinion).
  • Arts are actually gorgeous especially those field cards.


I will certainly read about this game more, and write a few more posts related to the game.  So for those of you who don’t want to miss kickstarter oppoturnity, just make sure to keep checking their official site, kickstarter page, or perhaps this blog to see if you should be jumping on the bandwagon before the end of the pledge.



Official sitehttp://chromancer.com/

Twitch Gameplayhttp://www.twitch.tv/chromancer/b/444741679


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