【Infinity Wars】 It’s all new game!

Perhaps this may be an overstatement, but the upcoming update with Rise set are not just expansion of card pools, but rather some robust fundamental game system changes.


In this post I’ll be detailing the major changes coming to the game in RISE! and there’s a lot of them. Be prepared, these changes are major and somewhat of a culture shock. However this is the purpose of a BETA, and I ask that you please direct your efforts (if you wish to respond) to responses that are constructive and thoughtful in nature. I need this discussion to be kept clean, healthy, and friendly. Offer your thoughts in a manner that presents what you are thinking, and why you are thinking this. We do not arbitrarily add alterations to the game, so ensure that you read this entire post as we have playtested this extensively and are prepared to evolve the BETA.


New card layout

As you can see the layout for the cards has changed to be a better, more digital and clean format. We’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, as we’ve always felt that because we have a digital product that the cards should look superior to physical cards as well and our first iteration simply didn’t look clean. So here we are, finally, with what we feel is the card format digital TCG’ers deserve.

Double numbers

Health, Morale, and all combat related values have been doubled. THIS IS NOT A PICTURE OF AN EPIC MODE MATCH, as you can see the Conscripted Militia is a 4/4 rather than it’s usual 2/2. Why have we done this? Here’s a quote from our lead program developer for you:


Because of Infinity Wars’ resource system, IW scales linearly. This means that the “curve” for cards goes something like this:

2/2 for 1
3/3 for 2
4/4 for 3

What this means, from a balance perspective, is that there’s very little room to play with the numbers. A 4/4 for 2 is above curve signifigantly, but a 3/3 for 2 or a 4/4 for 3 are both very weak. There’s just not enough room there to move.

A good example of this is Pack Leader, in The Warpath faction. His ability always gave +2/+2 to all beasts you control in a combat zone. +4/+4 felt far too large, so it’s now at +3/+3 with this change to have good middle ground. Many values are being adjusted in this fashion for this very purpose.

Basically what this means is that we want to test the capability to have A LOT more flexibility in terms of balancing cards. With the original scale, there was far too little room to maneuver cards properly. The new concept allows us to create cards in more slots that previously did not exist in the game. We understand that this may be unattractive to a lot of people, but we NEED to test this now while the game is still young.

Alternate Morale Costs

This change is something that has been necessary for a long time to properly balance the overpowering effect that morale has had on the meta for the overwhelming majority of the BETA so let’s get into this.

Cartographer: 3 Resource Cost, has a morale cost of 2.
Paladin of the Flame Dawn: 2 Resource Cost, has a morale cost of 7.

Here’s what the change is all about. The 1:1 Ratio of Cost being directly connected to Morale loss has been a hindrance of the morale system for the longest of times. While cartographer has a solid frontloading effect of being available at 3 resources is great, it has little to no field usefulness making it’s morale cost less by nature. Paladin of the Flame Dawn has it’s standard low resource cost, however it’s FAR more useful on the field than it’s resource cost would show. This makes it so we can separate the two, and make morale damage more appropriate in many places rather than simply being something that really hurts you in a lot of cases where it really shouldn’t. The combination of this change, along with the double health/morale change, allows morale to be in it’s proper place of being something you should only win off if the game drags on forever or if your deck focuses on it. We’ll see how the testing goes on the scale of the live server.


A FD or DoD player literally loses half of the morale that they would normally lose if they were attacking/defending with a different faction. This is because other factions are not only paying extra to deploy their characters. The extra resource is balanced in most cases although the 1:1 ratio for morale is forcing these players to be punished too much for losing them.

RISE! Preorders will receive Platinum Cards!

(Yes, we’re aware of that little black portion under the new morale cost. It’s already getting fixed.  ;) )

That’s pretty much all that needs to be said. If you are pre-ordering RISE!, the cards you receive will be platinum cards.  8)


As an addition to everything coming, you will now have the capability to pull FOIL cards from Super Booster packs. YES this includes IW2013 and RISE Super Boosters. For those preordering the packs to get the Platinum Cards, this means you will be able to pull FOIL Platinum Cards!

(I know the quality is terribad. It looks SO MUCH better in-game than a gif online could ever show.)

Other changes being made:

– In order to properly build mobile builds, we are implementing a maximum deck size of 60. This is subject to alteration given capabilities as we move forward in the building of the applications.

– If you zoom in on a card, you will see the *Current* health of the card and the *Maximum* health of the card if the values apply to it’s current situation.

– Epic Mode now gives players 200 health/morale.

– Minor alterations to UI. We have now begun our final iteration of the UI and it looks AMAZING! We have new chat servers/iterations coming, a completely renovated deckbuilder/collections screen, and a whole host of awesome things coming up that are looking great so far!

Let’s all enjoy testing what’s coming, and see how we can all build Infinity Wars to be the best possible dTCG it can be! Thanks to everyone for reading, and enjoy the game!

How do you all like these changes?


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