【HEX】 Cost Deck ~ First set 2 card preview ~

GenCon 2013 looks like is definitely going.  At the HEX vault site, the very first set 2 card has been revealed.  It’s a dragon.  it’s a set.  But the most interesting part (to me) is its effect.  This card opens up a new potential deck type that we may have not ever seen in a traditional TCG.


Cost Deck Type

So we all know there is tribal deck types, which include deck that are made based on the story connection, race linked, perhaps affiliation linked.  But Zeedu actually introduce new concept, which is basically cost linked deck potential.   Tribal deck tends to be fun deck and not competitive and so is cost deck type (if such thing ever emerges) but still this is the type of thing HEX will continue to throw into the dTCG world.

Allowing Crypzoic to think out side of traditional box which were restricted by paper format, the digital only TCG have previously never thought/not possible features into the game.  Though each piece may perhaps be small, some may be have a huge enough impact such that it creates a whole new deck type i.e. play style.

I like the art because its a dragon.  I love seeing Set.2 card when Set 1 cards aren’t even fully revealed, but again the most exciting part of this card is yet another mechanics that is introduced by Cryptozoic, which is difficult to implement on the paper format based TCG.



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