【Hex】Hex Vault Interview ~ Ben Stoll ~

Couple very interesting topics were discussed on this.  One is HEX’s resource system, but even more interesting is the potential future mechanics spoiler.

Resource System Decision

Technically, nothing new related to this topic.  In brief, the decision of current resource system design were made to provide enough variability with low chance of deadly resource screw i.e. sweet spot for balancing between the pros and cons of using card based resource system (CRS). If further discussion is something of your interest and missed reading this article, check here where I summarized all relevant information related to resource system of the HEX.

Ambush Mechanics

Starting @ 10:35

This is a canned mechanics (at least from the set 1, or probably 2 as well), but Ben mentions a potential of this type of mechanics sees its light in the future expansion.  So definitely worth listening to.  If nothing else, you can tell what type of things Cryptozoic are thinking.

In short, this is a digital only mechanics where Ambush ability possessing troop (specifically mentioned were Coyotle) have two abilities:

  1. Quick Action – You can cast him any time even during opponent’s turn.
  2. Card can be used from the top of the deck.

#2 is the really interesting part of this mechanics, and only possible because its digital only.  Your opponent won’t obviously see the card, but you will.  So the example scenario provided was your opponent sees you have no card in your hand, and you suddenly cast a card from top of the deck during opponent turn, its a huge surprise.

Obviously, in a physical format if you want to achieve this you have to be able to look at every card on top of your deck to see if its the card with ambush, but the problem with that is you now gained unnecessary advantage of knowing every card on top of your deck, which is not the intention of this mechanics.



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