【Infinity Wars】 Beta Invitation is temporary closed

There will be new system for invitation i.e. those of us who invites other players get some rewards (supposedly).  This new system won’t be in place for couple weeks; therefore, until then, we can no longer invite new players.


Hello everyone,

I just want to give some info on what’s going on and give you guys on the waiting list a little bit of help.

We have indeed shut down the loophole, and we are indeed creating a new system to fill it’s place. The system will be Infinity Wars’ version of the Refer A Friend feature everyone is so used to, and will net you guys GREAT rewards for this process of inviting new players.

We plan to have this system completed in approximately 2 weeks time. IN THE MEANTIME, for those of you waiting for an invitation you can post here if you’d like and keep an eye on this post in about 2 weeks, or you can head over to www.infinitywarsgame.com and enter your e-mail address in the Mailing List on the bottom left of the screen and I will personally guarantee all of you invitations once the system is done.

By Teremus on official forum



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