【Chromancer】Updated UI Twitch video

Following Infinity Wars, then HEX, Chromancer could be another dTCG that may potentially fill the gap current dTCG having.  This is certainly a game that I am intrigued by its concept.  Now the developers uploaded second twich video with updated UI.


As you can see, the game looks much more professional built than the original.  The design of navigation looks pretty good i.e. the part they are trying to make so that players have option to click slot vs. card in hand.  Considering how complex this game can be, it is crucial for the developers to make sure the actual game interface is as intuitive as it can get; otherwise, they can quickly lose the players.

Obviously, another important part for game like this is step by step tutorial, which I am sure will come eventually.

One part I hope in the future version gets addressed is played creature appearance.  It is inevidable by the game design so that card must be replaced by some icon on the field rather than being card itself, but rather than a simple box, how about representing them with a virtual figure?  Ideally, unique to each card but that may be too much to ask.


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