【Chromancer】 Added Bonuses ~ Is it time to be a backer? ~

HEX is not only great of its own, but it is already influential to the other games despite itself is not even out yet.  This is good for players, bad for companies.  In any event, Chromancer developers appropriately recognized this.  It is actually more surprising to me that others haven’t.  In any event, Chromancer which is currently on the kickstarter added some bonus booster packs to each tiers.

So how good are these deal?  Well, it is definitely better than the way it was.  Since these are not even stretch goal but immediate addition to all tiers.   In general term, within its own standard its a great value and bonuses that they are providing.

Let’s take a look at $125 supporter tier.  For $125, you get total of following equivalent retail price value stuff.

  • Chromancer digital art book
  • 1 month free netry for 1 tournament daily: $15 value
  • 5000 chroma (in game currency): $50 value
  • 3 months membership subscription: $21 value
  • 3 Intro pack reward tiers: $83.43 value
  • 12 booster packs: $24 value
  • 3 sets of kickstarter exclusive cards: $15 value
  • 52 kickstarter exclusive booster: $104 value

So the total comes out to be  $312.44.  Now if we compare the most generous kickstarter dTCG bonus offered to the date (as far as I know), HEX’s $120 tier offered $433 values.  So yes. not quite to the level of HEX but if you compare to game like Solforge or many others out  there, Chromancer’s bonuses are still very generous.

In fact, developers of Chromancer admits that this recent decision of adding more packs were influenced by HEX (of course they did not use actual name of the game).

• Why are you giving away so many boosters?

Although we make these kinds decisions based on our own game economics, and we never take them lightly, other recently Kickstarted games in our industry have set a precedent for generous reward tiers. It has driven the amount of rewards we were planning to give out higher than expected — but when we think about it, we couldn’t be happier than to reward the most important people in this project: You, the backers. If it means that a backer of this project is going to have an extra nice bonus when the game goes live, we consider that a good thing.

So should you jump on to pledge this game?

I hope you have noticed at this point that I myself is indeed interested in this game; therefore, writing about this game past a few days.  However, I have not pledged.  The main concern I have for this game is its price.  Obviously, if you are intrigued by this game, have money to spare, wants to support this game, you should definitely go for it.

On the other hand, if you have limited money, wants to be very cautious about spending money on dTCG (as it can easily get expensive), you may want to wait until my subsequent write up.  I will address why this game has a cost issue.  

Nonetheless, this is certainly great decision the team made for existing and future backers for the game.


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