【HEX】 Beta is delayed. ~ Good and Bad ~

As expected (?), beta has been pushed but not just by weeks rather its by months.  Believe or not, there are some good things about this delay.


Let’s start with the obvious down sides.  If you look at the official site, people can sign up for beta without pledging.  Now nobody knows if these were secondary beta i.e. open beta vs. closed beta, but for those of you who had assumed beta included all the beta, and assumed everyone who signed up for get it, this is a bad news.  Alpha is planned for end of September, and beta will be months after that.  Hence, you won’t have access to the HEX until months later.

In fact, this is pretty much all the down side.  For those of us who had pledged on kickstarter (Squire and above) or purchased slacker backer option will have alpha access so it won’t matter.  It is still end of September.


The good thing is actually if you remember recent statement from the GenCon, during the alpha we get access to all 4 copies of all cards (assuming PvP).  Now nobody knows if this will apply to entire alpha period i.e. months, or somewhere in middle of alpha we transition into real money thing, but for now we have a hope that we get longer time to play with full library of PvP cards.  We can play and test every imaginable deck without actually purchasing/trading card to just test whether your concept works.

Once the game transition into the beta stage, you know what card you need.  Imaging you can pay $50 (slacker backer price) and play unlimited Magic Online for months.  If this does not convince you (as you think Magic has so many more cards), recently opened beta testing dTCG, Hearthstone is still in the closed beta stage.  If you check ebay, there are some people who paid up to $250 to just get into the beta.

Are they really behind the schedule?

I have not heard the official statement, so this is just a speculation but it is hard to believe suddenly they are months behind.  It is more likely the change in decision in regards to what they call “beta.”  Now a day, many game use beta to just let people know the game is still new and give some head up to players that it may have some hiccups, but once the game is “open” beta, it is essentially out.  Many beta stage games allow you to spend your real money, keep your card.   So beta almost equals nothing but the earliest official released version in many games.

With such public view, putting a game in “beta” state and still lacks draft, PvE etc. may not actually work on the favor of the HEX reputation.  According to the same source, they plan to release bits and pieces as alpha goes along.  So in reality, may be nothing has really changed from the original plan; other than the fact now they are calling the game “alpha” for more prolonged time, and perhaps, we as a player get more chance to try full set for longer time.

Slacker Backer

Remember unlike Hearthstone’s closed beta, HEX allows you to jump onto alpha with $50 slacker backer purchase.  It is rather high price for alpha testing (for most dTCG), but with the quality of the game we have seen so far, I think $50 is acceptable.  Of course, slacker backer will provide you $50 worth of real in game stuff rather than just alpha access.

Personally, this is more fair model than the random sign up “you got lucky”; otherwise, pay a premium price model some other dTCG uses for their alpha/beta access.



  • HEX MMO TCG alpha invite (Fall 2013) and beta invite as a special thank you for contributing .
  • 1 Starter Deck (in addition to your free Starter Deck at account creation)
  • 25 Set 1 Booster Packs ($50 value)
  • 2 months of VIP Program (1 pack per week, access to an exclusive tournament and deck tools) ($8 value)
  • Princess Cory Promo Card
  • Chest’O HEX Promo Card
  • Digital Art Book “The Art of HEX” in PDF format




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