【HEX】 Dragon Con: Princess Victoria standard art & new art for Construction Plan

Nicely pointed out by the official forum posters that 4 of cards that I listed as new spoiler had already been revealed previously.  But in addition, they have pointed out alternative art of the princess victoria.  So here she is.



When compare this to the kickstarter special, alternative art version…

If this is any reflection of the quality of alternative art vs. standard art, the quality is night and day.  Much more detailed background.


As an additional bonus, here is new art of Construction Plans: Inspiration Engine





Previously, the art for this card was identical to that of Inspiration Engine itself, which I personally had a problem with.  Same art for different card in digital realm seems nothing but laziness.  Although this is nothing but uncolored inspiration engine, it does serve its purpose for me.  So good change.


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