【HEX】 DragonCon 2013: HEXTCG PvP Design Panel

All the appreciation goes to Hex Vault as in GenCon 2013, Hex Colin made excellent high quality audio recording of the panel, but this time he had also included high quality slide from the panel i.e. you can basically feel like you were actually there.  Supposedly there are even some card spoilers as well.  (I’m still listening to it right now).

UPDATED: HEXVault has updated from audio to video with high quality slides synced to the audio. This is the closest it can get for those of us who could not attend the DragonCon.

Card spoiler

See screen captures here.

Q&A session (selected questions)

When will the beta be?

Confirmation of alpha will be in stages and will have 4x copies of all PvP cards with week after week roll out of new features.  Beta is hoped for several months after the alpha.  Alpha still end of September.

Nerfing and banning cards?

For PvP, it will not happen.  For PvE, it is possible.

Does 400+(?) PvP card include transformed, token card etc.?

No.  The person who asked question said 360, but then right after something else was asked and Ben said a little over 400.  So not sure if 400 is the number of actual set 1 PvP cards or number of total cards including transformation, tokens etc.

When will tablet version release be?

Not really answered.  Chris said back end is ready as is, but UI tuning, foot print (currently 3GB) etc. need to be worked out.



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