【Chromancer】 3 more days to go

There are only 3 more days to go for the kickstarter with the funding goal of $60,000.  The target is rather high for Indy’s company dTCG but the game is already near $50,000 mark.  Although the game has its own concern (in my opinion), there are so many aspects of the game that keeps me interested in this game.  Recently, the kickstarter page had been updated which include last minute addition of new tiers and some other news.

Potential new version of UI

Indy company, first game, unfortunately have a bad reputation.  The concept may not be so bad, but often UI, game’s balance, lack of story, lack of single play campaign etc. are seen because of the budget constrains that those company have to go through.

The most recent public alpha version UI was had navigation issues, and definitely did have UI probblem but overall I thought it was professionally built and certainly felt like once the produt is finished it is easly indistinguiashable from other dTCG such as Magic the Gathering Duels of Planes Walker, Solforge, or Order of Chaos, you name it.

However, the newest concept art gets me so much more excited about this game.

The one below is the concept art. It is nothng ground breaking for graphics wise.  In fact, you have seen this on many of facebook games, but seeing thing on dTCG seems a fresh and more importantly fits really well on the Chromancer’s concept.  You set field (so many different types), then you can build structures ont he field,  you can set multiple creatures on a field etc.  Perhaps, there is no direct effect on the game play, as with any company’s presentation or keynote, the visual/presentation of the product plays such a huge role on how people sees/feels about the game.  dTCG is no exception, and I think Chromancer may be one to prove this.

Incredible Arts

Developers often claims their arts are high quality, and yes. there are subjetivity on the art style preference, but I think chromancer really has one of the top quality arts.  In fact, if I were to rate art style of Chromancer, I give the highest score here.  This is just not a norm of Indy’s company project.  Below are some of the incredible arts.

Legendary artist now added

This is true for any other company going on the kickstarter, but there is always something about the game made by Indy’s when they have some well name industry person’s name involved in the game.  It partly the credibility, but the other part seems like the seriousness of the company about the project.  They have to spent some decent money to get these people involved on the noname game.  If developers don’t believe in the future success of this game, they won’t spend so much and probably that is what its all about.  In any event,  Chromancer’s already amazing art collection will now have Mark Poole, one of the original Magic the Gathering artist.

If you are interested, there are only 3 more days left for the kickstarter.




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