【Chromancer】 Play Impression #2

So today, I got to play the game once again.  I love the art, the concept of the game is so unique and very intriguing to someone like myself who actually enjoy analyzing the game’s design itself as much as actually playing the dTCG.  I know last time when I played the game, it had only two very basic decks but today they added several other options.  So what is my real impression about its game play?

Tempo issue

In all honesty, I could not enjoy the game.   Yes. the navigation/UI are still the same, and pre-alpha but I don’t think that’s the reason.  The tempo of the game is just way too slow.  I actually like the game that takes long time, but that’s only if the game have intense moments after another.

Why is there the tempo issue?

My initial thought when I played it first time was because of the lack of the cards, but today we had more and felt the same.  I believe it is the balance of cards, and the game system.  I don’t like quick, and easy play dTCG but taking a game long time for no real excitement is also as bad.

Will Chromancer can overcome this?

Certainly.  I believe they just need more testing, and balancing of individual cards.  Perhaps, may be the rule of the game as well e.g. make larger deck size but also more draws from the beginning.

So there are certainly ways to solve this issue, and I think they will come up with some solution evetunally; however, this was actually one of my very concern in Indy’s dTCG in general.  They just don’t have the resource for balancing cards.  In dTCG, balance of the cards make huge difference to the point where it can completely ruin the game.

Should you pledge for Chromancer?

Personally, I don’t have enough spare money right now so I can’t.  But if I had, would I?  Well, I probably would but that’s not because I believe I get the money back from this game, but rather to support this company who came had placed lots of effort on this game, which had been proven by great arts, and fundamental concept of the game.  Company like this should deserve some support for their innovation.

If Chromancer development team had a resource of the large company like Solforge, HEX or Hearthstone developers, I think this game will shine.  I hope I would be proven wrong here, but  this game will likely suffer from the all other competitions from major companies especially at this timing: HEX, Solforge, and Hearthstone.  Don’t forget, even these big companies are not safe positions.  They have to fight against dominating TCG, the Magic the Gathering.  Afterall, dTCG is still a relatively niche market so there probably are not space for many dTCGs to be truly successful at the same time.  So my personal honest advise for my blog readers are to save money for now, and may be check how Chromancer evolves over time.


One response to this post.

  1. Thanks for the honest feedback!

    We appreciate that you mention us with HEX, Solforge and Hearthstone in one article because you think they are our competitors! That is a big compliment.

    Really, though, we do not consider ourselves in competition with those products. Solforge is an asynchronous quick-play game, Hearthstone is a more casual strategy game and HEX is more of an RPG. Our game is a deep strategy and deckbuilding card game that plays more like chess. These are all very different products.

    Further, our budget needs are extremely small. Less than 1/20th of HEX. And there are at least 30 dTCGs right now that generate enough income to pay for that, all within the context of this ever-expanding $2 billion industry called online card games. Games like Clash of the Dragons, Shadow Era, Kingdoms CCG, Tyrant, Berserk, Elements, Ederon, Kings and Legends, Card Hunter, Eredan, Legacy of Heroes (etc etc etc etc) are the types of digital card games like us, which are free-to-play and browser-based, and a much better comparison for the type of market forces we will be dealing with! And they are ALL profitable games. The market is not nearly as “niche” as you make it out to be, unless you are comparing it to the much larger video games industry in general.

    We may be new to the dTCG industry but we are not new to running tech companies or small business — and we have had consistent success over 20 years in those fields! So we have confidence that we will be able to execute this project efficiently, and generate the small amount of income needed to drive it forward. That said, we are quite aware of the very good points you make that there is a lot of market competition. And that’s why we are fortunate to be so unique in our offering!

    Thank you for all your continued coverage of our game, and for being an early believer. Hope to see you around as Chromancer continues to improve! 🙂

    – George


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