【Chromancer】 Stretch Goal for Game Changer

There are merely 12 hours left for the kickstarter, and I have no doubt that it will hit the first stretch goal, but the most interesting one is the one after.  How interesting is it?  I think it is a game changer, and perhaps one of the biggest sales point of the Chromancer.

Offline Mode

Offline mode is a huge addition to dTCG but many major dTCG do not support this.  Their primary reason are the concern of the security. Why is dTCG market flourishing?  It is undoubtly the effect of mobile platform.  Why we like mobile platform?  Because it is portable, and we can play anywhere anytime…  With a catch, since many dTCG require active internet connection, you can only play them if you have WIFI access.  This to me is not a true mobility.  Yes. if I’m at home I have WIFI.  Yes. most of my work site have WIFI, but what about when you are at airport?  In the airplane? Since many dTCG especially what I consider hardcore deep dTCG do not support offline, this can be a huge game changer.

But real goal is…

Yes. we will not make there but at $110k we get PvE.  PvE with Offline is a real deal.  AI in dTCG are tough to be competitive, unless the game decides to cheat i.e. special draw advantage, broken card etc.  But playing such game 1 vs. 1 with AI probably isn’t that much of fun or quickly gets boring. In fact, Shadow Era has offline mode just like it.  Yes. I used to like Shadow Era, and it is probably still a good game for what it does and who it targets for, but the game is way too simple for my taste.  But even that being a side, even back in the time I loved Shadow Era, I still could never enjoy the offline mode. So in an ideal world, if a game like Chromancer can provide good PvE with offline, even players with interest in other dTCG, they may still seek for some time killer when there is no WIFI.  Chromancer can take the spot and who knows people can actually switch from other dTCG that they thought were their primary into the Chromancer.

The real news here is the potential

Even if we do not hit the offline strech goal, I think these strech goals essentially provide the future plan of the company.  So as long as the Chromancer recieves continued support after the game launch or even during beta, I believe we will eventually see all of the stuff listed above.

The challenge for Chromancer developers are the speed, and quality.  Longer they take, more likely other dTCG will emerge with all of these features.  But at the same time, poor quality one can quickly leave the negative impression of the game and once it get that, it’s a game over.


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