【HEX】Alpha is on track, and plan detailed.

Good news.  The alpha is still on its track.


Sep 27, 2013

We know many of you are downright giddy for the impending release of the HEX: Shards of Fate Alpha, and we are equally excited to have you all experience the world of HEX for the first time. Before you dive in, though, you have an important decision to make, one that will affect your entire HEX experience: the name of your Keep.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about what you can expect when you first log in. Here’s the flow of what you’ll see, and what you should be paying careful attention to as you create your in-game identity!

The Process

Step 1: Download the game!
The first step is an easy one, once you get access, download the game and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Click the desktop icon to launch the game.

Step 3: Alpha participants will be e-mailed a unique login and password to access the game. Input those details and hit the “Login” button.

Step 4: Create a Keep name

The first time you ever log in on your account you’ll need to create your in-game persona: Your Keep name.

What is a Keep? Most importantly, it is your primary identity within the game. Your Keep name will be completely unique. Your entire card and equipment collection will be bound to your Keep, as well as your identity within your guild and friends list. So, it would be a good idea to put some thought into your Keep name before you create your HEX account for the first time.

During the Alpha you won’t be choosing Ardent or Underworld, and you won’t be choosing a name, race, or gender for your first PvE champion. But you will need to create your Keep name. In addition to being your identity within the game, your Keep name is the banner under which all the champions you’ll eventually create will rally. And these champions will have your keep name appended to their name.

Let’s say when I log into HEX for the first time and I name my Keep “Celendor”. From that point onward, “Celendor” serves as my HEX identity. My friends and guildmates will know me as “Celendor”, and the champions I create to venture into the chaotic world of Entrath in search of glory and treasure will all be called “_______ of Celendor”.

Now that you know the how important your Keep name is, let’s look at what this will look like in HEX:

And here is how it will look in game:

And how it will look in chat:

Keep in mind that champion names are not unique, but Keep names are unique. There can be many champions named Blinkman, but there can be only one Blinkman of Celendor.

Additional Information

For those of you with multiple pledges all tied to the same email, you’ll receive invites something like “YOURNAME@EMAIL.COM” and then “YOURNAME1@EMAIL.COM.” Our plan for releasing pledges has the Grand Kings and Producers hitting the servers first, and we’ll plan our waves around how the servers handle that load and steps we need to take in order to prepare for the next wave.

If you have any questions or comments, please discuss them in the forums and we’ll try to answer them as best as we can. Thanks again for all your support and prepare yourself, for HEX alpha is coming soon!


So quick summary here.  The alpha is still planned to start on 10/8 but as previously stated, the first day is open for Grand King and Producers.  I am assuming this means any tiers in between i.e. Dragon Lord etc. are included here.  Then if server tolerates, the second day allows more players.  Although it is not specified here who these second waves are, it is safe to assume coming down from the higher cost Tier i.e. next level are $250 Tiers, and may be King Tier.

What we need to know is just think about our account name, which is the Keep name.  Although it looks like its a name of your castle/realm, one of the forum poster specifically asked this question and the following is the reply by Cryptozoic employee.


Sorry about any confusion. When creating your account name, you should think of it as naming your Lord or Lady. Like a surname. Not necessarily naming a building. 

As far as Kickstarter rewards and merging accounts, that’ll happen when we go open Beta. The current system is only for alpha, and we are using the emails provided to us by Kickstarter.

In PVP, if your Lord or Lady is named “ERIC” it’ll be CHAMPION NAME of ERIC. So, Gozzog of Eric will appear if you choose the Necrotic Warrior PVP Champion.

For those of you with multiple pledges, this is just for alpha, but you should use one of those pledges to create the Lord or Lady name you desire.

For Chat, you’ll see the Lord or Lady name.




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