【HEX】Revolution of the Mill Deck!

If you are long time follower of this blog, you know I like deck classifications.  More deck type the game supports, more variety we will see while we actually play the game.  It appears to be a general tendency that early stage of dTCG focuses more on the Aggro Archetype support, and some control archetype but rarely much of the combo.  Combo archetype are fun, but without a good balance it can be a balance breaker.   We have already seen a support for the alt-win deck type, but today we got another card for such strategy.  Today, this card will change the Mill deck type.  It now becomes a real winning strategy/deck.


The test of this card may be a bit confusing for some.  So here is exactly what this card does.

  1. You need a successful attack to opponent champion THEN
  2. Reginald goes into the opponent deck with its special ability attached/activated. (see below)
  3. Now you and opponent draw 3 cards.

So what’s the special ability?  Basically, if your opponent draws the Reginald or if it goes to the graveyard, the opponent’s deck, he loses the game instantly.  So essentially, Reginald is acting like a HEX way of “trap card” as seen with Booby trap.

Is this overpowered?

I highly doubt it is.  One at first glance, Reginald has good stats, which is 3/3 for 3 cost but if you successfully attack opponent’s champion he disappears from the field i.e. 3/3 just for one instant (potentially).  Second, probability of drawing him is actually not that great.  Third, the blocking his ability is essentially just blocking Reginauld attack so not too difficult.

So certainly it is not overpowered or balance breaker, but one can potentially make a mill deck support to make this combo come true.  Definitely interesting addition to the game.

Revolution of the mill deck

Mill deck type falls under control archetype, and it is a deck type that stalls the game to the point where you trying to keep destroying opponent’s hand, and card so eventually opponent’s can no longer draw any card and therefore the player loses the game due to deck out.

But Reginald will allow player to win the game even before hitting deck out.  This is a revolution of the mill deck.


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