【HEX】 Free Booster Packs

There are many sites now a days providing a potential to win free booster packs for HEX, but this is one of the site that probably has the highest chance you can win one (at least as of now).

What you have to do is pretty simple.  Just go to the forum section, and post some comments about the HEX.  Obviously, you cannot troll as that will be deleted but otherwise, there are only handful of people are currently on the forum, and many actually posts multiple each day to try improve their chance of a daily booster pack give away.  If you look at the people who are winning the packs each day, its can tell you the chance is pretty good as it is almost always same guys winning i.e. not uncommon for the same person to win 3 days in row.

The other way is create a dynamic banner through the site (as seen below).  Each click will add some point to you as a referer, and can potentially win reward that way.  Though I am not certain how much it takes here.

HEXRealms.com: The HEX MMO TCG Community


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