【Infinity Wars】Coming to the Steam!

Those of you who are mobile platform gamers, may not know what the “steam” is.  But it’s a gaming platform on PC, and also Mac, and Linux. It’s the biggest one on the desktop/laptop platform with over 50 million users.


The easiest way to think is Steam as a gaming platform that runs on the desktop i.e. Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii type consoles.

So why this is a good thing?  One may think you can already play the game on PC or Mac, and putting just another layer of application to run the same game has no benefit?

  • The game will be seen by supposedly 50 million steam users.*
  • Steam Platform

The 50 milliion users are based on the article from 11/2012 (http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2012-11-22-steam-still-at-50-million-users-500-000-use-big-picture).  So it’s likely more by now.

For the second point, I will elaborate a bit more here.

Friend list/Voice chat etc.

Steam is again like a console platform of its own.  So by having the game on steam, the game will be able to use its standard features like friend list, voice chat etc.

Big Picture

The steam already have a special mode called “big picture”, which the interface becomes optimized for controller i.e. you can hook up your PC to TV, and play games within Steam like a real console.


Steam Machines

These are not out yet, and nobody knows the price point.  But what these are is essentially real consoles i.e. computers built to hook up on your TV, and allows you to play all Steam games.  These are coming in 2014, and the price point is right, they can potentially compete with a real gaming consoles as Steam already have so many games, and have so many supporters; where, new consoles always have to start at 0 especially without backward compatibility.

In any event, this will likely increase the population who uses steam platform i.e. more potential of people seeing the game on steam.



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